spock must die

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The first star trek novel (and only) outside of the novelizations of the screenplays of the first series that james blish wrote. Apparently he had not even seen star trek at the time he was contracted to write this star trek novel even though it was published after the first couple of screenplay novelizations were. Dunno if it would be any good considering that fact but might be worth checking out anyway.



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had a lot of trouble getting it to work and used the new beta of it in the end, which worked.

the 40k module and guide to working it, bit hard to work out at first.

more dworf fort

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In reply to your foreign health and saftey

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Fuck Wimbledon

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18 hours per day of the borefest that is tennis on TV


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dworf fortress

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seeded worlds:

i used Smata Xomlox, The Realm of Typhoons (3593291792)

graphic set:

Note: the LEVEL_UP and LEVEL_DOWN keys have been changed to / and * on the keypad!! Remember this! (that means for moving up and down in z levels, like from floor to floor

tweakfortress: (to get magma furnaces working plus other useful things)

.net 3.5: (needed this for some reason cant remember why possibly to use tweakfortress)