Can’t do simple maths? Never mind, have a job with us anyway.

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This is unbelievable –


Pinky and the Brain and Orson Welles – Frozen Peas

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Pinky and the brain –

The original –

The Duckworth Lewis Method

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When Hardeep met Les….

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Click here – Sounds like alan partridge moved radio stations. 😀

Angry old geezer…

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Colonel Sun and an interesting video….

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After Ian Fleming‘s death in 1964, Glidrose decided to continue the Bond franchise with a series of well-known authors each writing a book under the pen-name Robert Markham. However, only Kingsley Amis took up the offer, and in 1968 his 007 novel, ‘Colonel Sun’ was published. Bond fans now consider it a classic, although sales proved disappointing. Amis had previously written a critical work on Bond, entitled ‘The James Bond Dossier’. There is also a suggestion that Amis finished ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ after Fleming’s death, and that Colonel Sun was his incentive from Glidrose.

Now you might have seen this before as it was popular when it first came out about a year ago but in case you havent: